Phijittra, is a large three-story cruise. Decked with golden Chinese dragons on the exterior and adorned with exquisite Chinese art on the inside, this Chinese-style vessel proves truly unique and magnificent.

A Chinese dragon is a majestic creature that combines features of different animals, with the mane of a lion around its head, a pair of enormous fangs on its upper jaw, vine-like whiskers, a pair of horns stretching along the body to the tail. Its neck, chin, elbows, and body are covered in scales, interspersed with short and long spikes. In addition, a dragon has four legs, each of which boasts a powerful talon for self-defense.

In ancient Chinese beliefs, dragons are regal, noble, and extremely powerful creatures, most commonly found in rivers, lakes, or in the rain.

Phijittra, is ready to take you on a journey to enjoy Phuket’s exquisite sea and islands during the day and behold the breathtaking sight of the sun setting into the Andaman sea in the evening. A fresh seafood barbecue buffet and a vast array of food and beverages are provided for you to indulge in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience on our cruise.



Phijittra Cruise is composed of four levels:


Principal Particulars






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